Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

I have mastered Halloween. I used to get so worked up about getting the perfect costume for the kids. After numerous costume changes and my own internal frustration, I decided that I wasn't going to purchase any costumes this year. I bought a few accessories totally $10 but other than that I got off scot-free. I pulled out some Indian clothes, Ariel costume, 50's carhop outfit borrowed from a friend and made Eme into a 70's basketball player with the purchased headband/wristguards, swim trunks and a borrowed sissys tank top.
It couldn't have been a more glorious night in Denver. The weather hit 79 degrees and we were able to run around without coats!! The kids went trick-or-treating with their buds Jude and Noel. My favorite of the evening was Eme saying "I don't want candy. I want milk." at someone's house. The kids ran for almost two hours straight and I jumped in a big pile of leaves. A perfect evening and no costume stress!
(I have to point out Malina's height. She is in the top three in her class but these pictures really make her height stand out. Sophia is standing next to a boy in Malina's class in the third picture. The last picture has Malina with her best friend Jude. Jude is 6. Malina is ginormous! She has a few more years before those boys sprout past her!)

The Baker Bunch hit the world renowned Grizzly Rose for some good ole' country line dancing. The Grizzly Rose has family night on Sunday nights with free line dancing lessons. Malina was in rare form dancing the night away. Sophia was happy to be dancing with her best girlfriend Olivia. Olivia (3) and Eme (2) will end up being in kindergarten together. Liv and Eme have a love/hate relationship but they are the best of buds too.

We met my parents for a hike up to St. Marys Glacier. It was a bit windy but fun to see some snow while we are having such warm weather in Denver. Tika was elated to get out...we are finally able to manage all kiddos and the dog again! Confession, my Dad walked her.

Tucson Trip

We all went to Tucson to celebrate Uncle Scott's 40th Birthday. We roadtripped the 900 miles to spend three glorious days with family. The highlight for me was seeing my first rattlesnake and a horny toad. Back to reality...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

1st Year Comparisons

Emerson, Sophia and Malina all at one year. I am enjoying getting my digital pictures in some sort of order.

Eme Goes to the Zoo

I have started teaching preschool again. I have been blessed with another great class this year. While I am teaching, my parents take Eme. Today he went to the zoo. The boy is a ham.

Our baby went on her first solo plane trip.

Malina has been begging us all summer to visit Uncle Scott, Aunt Mary Ann and Granmama in Tucson, Arizona. A weekend fare came up and off she went with two days notice. I loved her response "(GASP.) I feel so grown up. I cannot wait. Really?" She had a tremendous time swimming with Uncle Scott and Aunt Mary Ann, writing letters at Granmama's and most important to her was the visit to the Desert Museum. The bats, geckos and various desert bugs entertained her too!
I had to throw the picture in of her cereal she told Uncle Scott she likes. Who doesn't take advantage of a visit to ask for Fruit Loops??
She says she will do it again but she is going to Texas next time to visit Daddy's sister. It sounds like she inherited my wanderlust genes. I told her she will have to save up for her yearly plane ticket budget. We have succeeded!